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Is a solution for all the needs of a modern company today
Automatic planner
Flexible workflows
Online information
Paperless office
Two-way external
· Calendar planner
· Assignment using drag and drop
· Visual information on resource occupation
· Automatic planner
· Using predetermined parameters
· Saving time and money
· Online control of inventory items
· Knowledge of the status of each item
· Traceability over time
· Data capture in digital format
· Adaptable forms with digital signature
· Inclusion of photos, documents and other types of files
· Creation of work orders generated by IOT
· No staff is needed to create work orders
· Notification and alerts when a work order is created
· Versatility and total configurability in the App
· The changes in the forms are displayed in the App without
the need for programming
· All the actions are reflected in place and online for follow-up purposes
Operation Manager 4.0
· You will have all work orders under control
· Validate the work done and make a complaint if necessary
· Optimization of resources and times for tasks that can be automated
· Easy to configure KPI’s
· SOM provides you with all kinds of information
· Information presented in real time
· SOM gives you the ability to manage internal and external resources
· Planning, profiles and capacities, availability, costs
· We know people are the most important asset of your company
· We perform the task of validating personnel costs effectively
· Expenses are consulted online and digitally
· Expense allocation to projects
· Improvement of order assignment
· Planning according to the distance of the technicians to the incidents
· Planning based on costs and knowledge
· The client knows the status of their incidents and work orders at all times
· Transparency in the service life cycle
·Adjustable area for the client

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