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Operations Management Smart System (OMSS)
Cloud, smart and finally easy-to-use multidevice technology for operations management

Move into the digital era of your business operations with SOM

Manage, distribute, track, plan and optimize

Create flexible workflows

Connect everything

Predict, not just react

Access and receive relevant data, anytime, anywhere

Make data based decisions

And more


File management

Tasks and project management

Partners management


Staff holidays and leave management

Expenses management

· Calendar planner
· Assignment using drag and drop
· Visual information on resource occupation

· Automatic planner
· Using predetermined parameters
· Saving time and money

· Online control of inventory items
· Knowledge of the status of each item
· Traceability over time

· Data capture in digital format
· Adaptable forms with digital signature
· Inclusion of photos, documents and other types of files

· Creation of work orders generated by IOT
· No staff is needed to create work orders
· Notification and alerts when a work order is created

· Versatility and total configurability in the App
· The changes in the forms are displayed in the App without
the need for programming
· All the actions are reflected in place and online for follow-up purposes

· You will have all work orders under control
· Validate the work done and make a complaint if necessary
· Optimization of resources and times for tasks that can be automated

· Easy to configure KPI’s
· SOM provides you with all kinds of information
· Information presented in real time

· SOM gives you the ability to manage internal and external resources
· Planning, profiles and capacities, availability, costs
· We know people are the most important asset of your company

· We perform the task of validating personnel costs effectively
· Expenses are consulted online and digitally
· Expense allocation to projects

· Improvement of order assignment
· Planning according to the distance of the technicians to the incidents
· Planning based on costs and knowledge

· The client knows the status of their incidents and work orders at all times
· Transparency in the service life cycle
·Adjustable area for the client

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